Why join WEC India?

The World Energy Council India (WEC India) has the unique distinction of being the only Not for Profit organisation that enjoys complete support of all Energy Sector Ministries. WEC India was constituted by Ministry of Power with an objective of making it a body truly and functionally representative of Energy Sector in India. Accordingly, WEC india works towards "promotion of sustainable use of energy resources for greatest benefit of all." The AIMS and OBJECTS of the society are aligned to and are consistent with these principles, and therefore, unlike membership of many other bodies, WEC India does not commit any reciprocal benefits for its members. However, direct or indirect benefits of WEC India's work are available to the community at large, to which members also have access. WEC takes pride making its programmes and final products to common public irrespective of membership status. We provide open access not only to all of WEC’s studies, reports, technical work and regional reports but also to a wide variety of information available from and through WEC’s London based headquarter.

If it is so, why should you become a member of WEC India?

As member of WEC India and WEC family, organisations and individuals contribute to the cause of furtherance of sustainable supply and use of energy through the network and work programme of WEC. Through WEC’s global network, you contribute to various WEC global studies and task forces and participate in the international energy debates. WEC’s & WEC India's studies & policy advocacy help foster more coherent national regional and global energy policies and more effective regulation and standards. Members and others contribute in research and development of these studies. The work of WEC and WEC India evolves with the efforts and support of inputs from the experts in the sector. 

The entire work programme is made possible by generous support from members through annual membership fee and contribution in WEC studies and programmes through providing inputs and critical reviews of the reports. Most of our members are the topmost energy sector organisations of the country and support our endeavours as a gesture of support to overall well-being of the Society.

As members of WEC India, you keep yourself updated on the developments and new projects being taken up.

You are welcome to join and support us.