Stakeholders' Meet on CHP (Combined Heat & Power - Cogen) / CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heat & Power-trigen)

 WEC India organized a Stakeholders’ Meet on "CHP (Combined Heat & Power - Cogen) / CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heat & Power-trigen) in Distributed Natural Gas based Generation" on 9th February 2017 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi,  with an objective of developing  a shared understanding of the market potential and possible business models such as ‘ESCO model’ and an assessment of such opportunities.

Discussions included sharing of experience from existing facilities, discussion on potential of this segment, business models; Gas infrastructure, availability and pricing; deployment options for best system efficiency, barriers and policy support among others.

The meet was chaired by Mr Ajit Kapadia, Vice Chair; CFSR.

Discussants from CFSR, NTPC, NTPC Technology Reserach Allianace (NETRA) GAIL, GIZ, SHELL, Green Power International, Engie, DESL, PEC, Ceresta, Wartsila, Thermax, Deloitte, Pwc, Shakti Foundation, CII, Amplus solar, Yantra Harvest participated in the Meet.

Download Presentations:

WEC India CCHP Meet-CFSR– Kirit Naik
Date 2017-03-03 Filesize 1.61 MB Download 120

WEC India CCHP Meet-Ceresta Business Consulting-S Ravishankar
Date 2017-03-03 Filesize 446.25 KB Download 132


WEC India CCHP Meet-DESL–R.Rajmohan
Date 2017-03-03 Filesize 928.87 KB Download 140

Date 2017-03-03 Filesize 1023.13 KB Download 129

WEC India CCHP Meet-GIZ–Vikas Ranjan
Date 2017-03-03 Filesize 573.68 KB Download 138

WEC India CCHP Meet-Thermax–Piyush Patel
Date 2017-03-03 Filesize 2.98 MB Download 133

WEC India CCHP Meet-Trigen in India GIZ
Date 2017-03-03 Filesize 1.85 MB Download 123


WEC India CCHP Meet-Wartsila-Zakir Khan
Date 2017-03-03 Filesize 1.58 MB Download 107