WEC India Publications

Over  the years, WEC India has produced highly regarded studies and publications to guide policymakers and industry leaders to deliver a more sustainable energy system. WEC India publications are seen as essential tools by governments, industry, investors, NGOs and academia looking for impartial fact sand analysis to inform their decision making processes.

WEC India publishes an annual report called the "India Energy Book" which is comprehensive reference on Indian Energy Sector. Besides this, the book also presents projections and scenarios from Integrated Energy Policy and World Energy Outlook of IEA.

WEC India also brings out a publication"Energy Synergy" which covers articles and interviews on relevant energy related topics and forthcoming events of WEC India & WEC.

"Energy News" is a widely circulated daily news bulletin reaching out to about 1500 energy professionals. It features news, interviews and opinion related to the sector. 

WEC India has developed a comprehensive energy portal known as 'WEC India Energy Portal’, a one stop resource centre with the objective of providing consolidated information on the energy sector along with the latest updates at one place. The portal primarily focuses on Indian energy sector but has a dedicated section covering global energy scenarios.

WEC India Energy Handbook 2019

WEC India Energy Handbook 2019 is a compendium of statistics and key energy data on Indian and Global energy sector.

[Download WEC India Energy Handbook 2019]

India Energy Congress 2018: Background Papers

Five volumes of background papers for India Energy Congress 2018 were release with support of four knowledge partners  Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, McKinsey on different aspects of ‘Energy 4.0- Energy Transition towards 2030".


India Energy Book

WEC India Energy Handbook 2016a compendium of Indian and Global energy statistics was launched by Secretary (Power)/ Chairman WEC India at Annual General Body Meeting of WEC India on 23rd Sep,2016 at Ministry of Power.

[Download IEB 2016]

Securing India's Energy Future: Integration and Action

Six volumes of background papers for India Energy Congress 2015 with support of Deloitte on different aspects of "Integrated Energy Planning and Coordinated Actions".


Securing Tomorrow's Energy Today: Policy and Regulations

Six volumes of background papers for India Energy Congress 2013 with support of Deloitte on different aspects of Energy Security.


Emerging Opportunities in Energy Sector

A comprehensive report on emerging opportunities in energy sector done as a background paper for India Energy Congress 2012 with support of PWC India.


Energy Synergy Journal

A quarterly house journal of WEC India widely distributed to its members, member organizations and the energy sector ministries in India and electronically circulated to WEC member committees globally.


WEC India Energy News

Energy News is a comprehensive compilation of news relating to energy sector from various sources transmitted electronically to all members of WEC India.

Get the latest news and updates from Indian energy and power sector and Power Sector in India, Power Industry, India Power Companies, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Renewables.It is published on all working days. 

Sustainable development of Energy Sector in Delhi beyond 2010

The report of a Study on the development strategy for the Commonwealth Games 2010 by WEC India.

Energy Dimension of Disaster Management

Report of a study on Energy Dimension of Disaster Management after the Tsunami of December 2004.


Energy Access through Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy

Report of a study done with the support of PFC in 2010 to make an assessment of scenario of energy access to the rural population.


Transmission and Distribution System in India

A study report on"Transmission and Distribution in India", in partnership with PGCIL.