About World Energy Council


About World Energy Council

Established in 1923, the World Energy Council is a global, non-profit, multi-energy organization which covers all forms of energy (coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, new renewables ) and has national member committees in over 80 countries around the world. So you get associated with an organization with a credibility of more than 8 decades and a network of largest energy producing and consuming countries.

WEC is strongly committed to creating a substantial future for our world and through its studies, research, data collection, benchmarking, technical work and regional activities, it develops practical solutions to address energy issues and build sustainability now and in the future.

WEC’s work is categorized into four main areas:

Global Studies, which focus on current or emerging high visibility issue facing the global energy sector.

Technical Programmes, which address ongoing performance, technology or policy issues and involve regular collection, analysis and dissemination of specialized energy information and data as well as benchmarking, best practices and standards

Regional Programmes, which focus on specific regional issues and priorities, taking the form of regional forums, workshops, regionally focused initiatives and facilitation of regional “signature projects”.

Communications and Outreach, which seeks to increase WEC’s visibility and influence and deliver its message to a global audience.

WEC’s work is carried out by volunteers of the WEC National Member Committees representing leading energy companies, energy organizations, national energy agencies, regulatory authorities, academia, research institutions, public and private sector organizations, policymaking bodies and government bodies. WEC’s studies and research are prepared for energy experts by energy experts and specialists who know and understand the energy sector, the core issue it is grappling with and the tough decisions and choices that need to be made.

WEC works in three-year cycles and the results of this work are presented at the World Energy Congress, which is the foremost global multi energy event of the energy stakeholders of the world.

At the national level, the Indian member committee provides a platform for synergy of the Indian Energy sector. To achieve this, WEC India strives to play a pivotal role in the future of energy in India by bringing high level role-players in energy sector together to forge a better understanding of energy issues with a view to identifying and implementing sustainable and effective solutions, providing factual and relevant data and knowledge, and strengthening the energy network in India and globally.

It is working towards enhancing awareness of energy issues to stimulate original thought and catalyze transformation of the Indian Energy Sector. It is a vehicle for strategic thinking, networking and action by senior executives in the Government, private and public sectors who have a broad interest in national and global energy issues.