Knowledge Networks

WEC India has adopted the model of ‘Knowledge Networks’ (KNs) to leverage the expertise available across the sector. The KNs facilitate experts to come together across organizational and disciplinary boundaries to collaborate productively. The work of the KNs would lead to studies, recommendations on strategic interventions or pilot projects. Chaired by a person of eminence, these KNs would have involvement of leading consultants. Ideas generated at the various WEC India forums such as Head of Corporate Planners Forum (HoCP)would also feed into KNs or lead to formation of KNs on specific areas. WEC India could be the nodal entity for projects resulting out of the KNs and act as repository of learning from these projects. Further, organizations undertake several performance improvement initiatives and experimental projects from time to time. KNs could serve as a platform for sharing information and best practices of such projects. Strengthening the research arm of WEC India, landmark studies have been initiated on topics of national significance in professional partnership with leading consultants. These studies would be driven by Knowledge Networks (KNs). To begin with two KNs have been initiated

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Energy Scenarios

The National Energy Trilemma Index 2020 is an attempt by the World Energy Council India (WEC India) at the national level to assess States’s & UTs performance across three core dimensions: Energy Security, Energy Equity and Environmental Sustainability. The “National Energy Trilemma Index” will be an annual exercise, which will enable the States & UTs’ to keep a track of their own progress over time and further accelerate their pace towards the energy transition process.

The report is in draft stage and stakholders are requested to give their valuable comments, which could be subsumed in the final report.

Electric Mobility

with the objective of deep drilling the issues related to Electric Vehicles in Indian context and to suggest strategic road map for the sector. This KN is being led by Mr. Seethapathy Chander, Independent Director, NTPC & Former Senior Advisor, Asian Development Bank. This KN has representation from Ministries, PSUs, Regulators, Utilities, Vehicle manufacturers among others. WEC India associated with NITI Aayog as Knowledge Partner in the ‘MOVE’ Global Mobility Summit’ held on 7th-8th September 2018 which was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. WEC India closely worked with NITI Aayog in the organization of the Southern Regional Workshop in the run-up to the ‘MOVE’ Summit. Activities under the KN would be carried forward in alignment with Govt. initiatives.

“The report is in draft stage and stakholders are requested to give their valuable comments, which could be subsumed in the final report.